Join Us for Special Interactive Science Demonstrations Through July 18

by Creation Museum on July 9, 2020

Families visiting the Creation Museum between now and July 18, 2020, are in for a special treat!

Bob Jones University’s Science Ambassador and chemist Dr. George Matzko, together with his wife, Darlene, is presenting interactive science demonstrations for the whole family. You’ll discover incredible facts about water, electrons, and air that will point you to the one who made them all—our Creator God. You’ll never look at a glass of water or think about air or electricity the same way again!

Here’s what Dr. Matzko shares about his unique science demonstrations:

Water—The Miracle Chemical

Water is found running through the pages of Scripture from Genesis through Revelation. A dozen demonstrations will be used to help explain the unique properties necessary for life on earth that we often take for granted.

Dr. George Matzko

The Mysterious Electron

All of us have heard about electrons but none of us have ever seen one; yet, the invisible aspects of God’s Creation help us understand something about the Creator’s “eternal power and Godhead.” Even though electrons appeared in the Bible in the form of lightning, many things about electrons remain mysterious. A dozen “electrifying" demonstrations will be presented.

Dr. George Matzko

Invisible Properties of Air

The pressure of the atmosphere on the surface of the earth goes unnoticed by most, but understanding this concept is the key to many other important concepts in science. A dozen demonstrations will illustrate several properties of air. The orderliness of the universe, including the laws related to air pressure, reflect God’s purposeful design of the universe.

Dr. George Matzko

Each presentation also includes two Christian pioneers in science.

Find a full schedule of events, and see what’s happening the day of your visit, on our event calendar. And if you haven’t already, start planning your visit soon! Remember, kids 10 and under are free through 2020 at the Creation Museum and our sister attraction, the Ark Encounter.