Stargazer Planetarium Now Open at the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on June 11, 2020

We’re very excited to announce that our Stargazer Planetarium has been completely renovated and reopened with the museum this week! We’ve had a planetarium since shortly after the Creation Museum opened in 2007, and it was time for an upgrade. So in January, our fabricators began the job of expanding and totally refurbishing the planetarium.

Now it’s ready for our guests, and it’s incredible! Check out these photos to see what the planetarium looks like now:

Stargazer Planetarium Stargazer Planetarium Stargazer Planetarium Stargazer Planetarium Stargazer Planetarium Stargazer Planetarium

The new planetarium has laser projectors, upgraded acoustics, a tilted dome for better viewing from every angle, and more seats to accommodate more guests. It looks amazing inside—you will think you are sitting in a spacecraft looking out on the moon’s surface. You have to see it for yourself!

It looks amazing inside, and the picture quality of the planetarium show, “Created Cosmos” is incredible. We’re working on adding more shows, so keep an eye on our blog and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates regarding these new shows.

We’re excited that our guests will hear and see how the heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1) as they learn more about his handiwork in this state-of-the-art facility. For those who generously gave towards this project, thank you! We couldn’t have done this without your generosity and God’s gracious provision.

Start making your plans to visit us today, and make sure to add a Stargazer Planetarium show to your to-do list!