New Ape Kind Exhibit Now at the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on May 28, 2020

We are excited to welcome guests back to the Creation Museum in less than two weeks (June 8, 2020). We can’t wait! By the time we reopen, we will have been closed for almost three months, and that has given our skeleton staff of exhibit designers, artists, and fabricators who were able to stay on during COVID-19 the time to add new details to existing exhibits.

New Addition

During this time, they were able to install an entirely new exhibit—our spectacular “ape kind exhibit.” Check out these photos of this incredible exhibit:

New Ape Exhibit New Ape Exhibit New Ape Exhibit New Ape Exhibit New Ape Exhibit New Ape Exhibit

This exhibit is located inside our Starting Points room, beside the “human kind exhibit.” This placement enables museum guests to tell at a glance which skulls are human and which belong to the ape kind.

Lucy Returns!

The australopithecine “Lucy” is the focus of this exhibit (along with other ape skulls), as she's been one of evolutionists’ “star” examples of supposed evolution. You will recognize her and the holographic images from our original “Lucy” exhibit. But, Lucy has had quite the upgrade!

Learn More with the Artists

Our founder and CEO Ken Ham recently interviewed the designers responsible for this world-class exhibit. You can watch that video below.

Start making your plans to visit the Creation Museum after we reopen! Rest assured, we’ve done everything necessary to ensure you have a safe and healthy visit.