Stargazer Planetarium to Get Major Upgrade

by Creation Museum on May 23, 2019

The planetarium is now closed for renovations beginning November 4. Intelligent designers are hard at work on important upgrades. When the planetarium reopens, the stars will shine even brighter!

Hundreds of thousands of Creation Museum visitors have relaxed and been educated under the dome of our planetarium while enjoying a Bible-affirming program. We hear from so many guests that the planetarium shows were a highlight of their museum visit.

Since we’ve been using the planetarium for over a decade, it’s time for a refresh as its technology is aged, it is difficult to find parts for it, and, in a fallen world, all items wear out including the seats.

Learn more about this upgrade and how you can help below!

What’s Coming?

Our planetarium upgrade will feature an 831% increase in brightness and 355% in resolution as we move to the latest laser projector technology. We will also improve acoustics and install a new tilted dome (which is what planetariums are now moving towards) for a much better viewing experience from every seat.

Creation Museum Planetarium Upgrade Illustration

We’re excited that this upgrade is going to open up a world of opportunities for new programs and content!

You Can Make an Impact!

We can’t do this upgrade without your support. Please consider making a donation towards this exciting project that will point millions of people to the one who created us and stepped into history to save us—the Lord Jesus Christ.

The planetarium has truly been a highlight for hundreds of thousands of Creation Museum visitors. We’re excited that this upgrade will allow us to declare even more spectacularly to our guests the glory of God and his care for us here on planet Earth.