Truth for Grandparents: Making the Most Out of Your Conversations

by Creation Museum on March 7, 2019

Grandparents, do you realize that God provides you with a unique opportunity to impact future generations? Retirement is the perfect time to learn and study God’s Word and to share these truths with your grandchildren. You have an opportunity to leave a legacy for generations to come!

At the Creation Museum, we recognize that grandparents may need help along the way. On your next visit, plan to attend one of our free programs designed just for you! Learn more about our Truths for Grandparents series below.

The Truth About Fossils

The first presentation you’ll want to experience is our Truths About Fossils for Grandparents, which Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Carter will present on March 12, April 9, and May 7, 2019.

You’ll get to handle many different fossils as you learn how they form, where they’re found, and how they teach us about a worldwide flood. Truths About Fossils for Grandparents will leave you with ideas about how to extend the fossil discussion with your grandchildren to teach them important spiritual truths.

Fossils at the Creation Museum

Collection of fossils in the Main Hall.

The Truth About Ape-Men

If you are planning to visit the Creation Museum on March 13, April 10, or May 8, 2019, consider joining Dr. and Mrs. Carter for our Truths About Ape-Men for Grandparents.

Here, you will get answers to questions, such as the following: “Where did people come from?” “Are the stories about ape-men true?” “How do I answer when my grandkids ask whether we came from ape-like creatures?” and more! You will also learn what a difference it can make when your grandchildren understand they are image bearers of their Creator God.

Hear how this program impacted a previous participant in the video below.

The Truth About Noah’s Ark

During your visit on March 14, April 11, or May 9, 2019, make plans to attend Truths About Noah’s Ark for Grandparents with Dr. and Mrs. Carter.

“How did they fit all the animals on the ark? Is there evidence for a worldwide flood? How do I discuss the truth about dinosaurs with my grandchildren?” This free presentation will equip you with biblical answers about Noah, the ark, and the global flood that you can discuss with your grandchildren.

Animatronic Noah at the Creation Museum

Ask our animatronic Noah questions in the Catastrophe exhibit.

Start making your plans to visit the Creation Museum today, and join us for our Truths for Grandparents programs to get equipped to answer your grandchildren’s questions and encourage them to think biblically.