A Week of Ken Ham Presentations at the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on July 26, 2018

Will you be visiting the Creation Museum next week? If so, you are in for a treat!

Our CEO Ken Ham’s busy speaking schedule usually sends him all around the world, so he doesn’t get to speak at the Creation Museum as much as he would like. We’re excited to announce a week of speaking sessions with Ken coming up at the museum, July 30–August 3, 2018.

Find out more about this special event below.

Ken Ham Speaking at the Creation Museum

Five Days, Five Different Topics

At noon each day that week, Ken will be in Legacy Hall presenting on a different topic. His talks for this upcoming series include these important topics:

  • July 30—The Relevance of Genesis in a Secular World
  • July 31—One Blood, One Race
  • August 1—How to Present the Gospel in a Secularized Culture
  • August 2—Six Days, the Age of the Earth, and the Authority of Scripture
  • August 3—Science Confirms the Bible
  • Can’t Make It In Person?

    If you are unable to make it to this event in person, join us for a free livestream of each presentation. All five sessions will be livestreamed over the Answers in Genesis YouTube channel and on Ken’s personal Facebook page.

    Start making your plans to visit to the Creation Museum Museum to attend these sessions in person! Each Creation Museum ticket is valid for two consecutive days.