Searching for a Job?

by Creation Museum on April 12, 2018

Do you want to use the unique skills, talents, and gifts that God has given you to help spread the message of biblical authority and the gospel? Do you want to work with like-minded believers? Join our growing team—we’re hiring!

We are always looking for energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate people who will create the best experience possible for our guests at the Creation Museum. We have a variety of positions, schedules, and shifts to accommodate most needs.

See one of the reasons our inflatable T-rex can’t work for us, and learn more about the opportunities we have available for you below.

Inflatable T-rex Works in Noah’s Café

Our inflatable T-rex tried his hand at a few of the museum jobs. However, his short arms make many positions a bit challenging for him, and he likes to have a little too much fun! Check out what happened when he took to Noah’s Café to see if he’d be a good fit with food services.

As you can see, our inflatable T-rex didn’t work out so well in Noah’s Café—but you might be just the person we need!

Positions to Meet Your Schedule

We currently have full-time positions as well as seasonal museum host positions available in food services, guest services, housekeeping, merchandise and retail, the petting zoo, and more! To learn more about our staffing needs, watch this video with Ken Ham, our president and CEO, and members of our HR and museum teams.

Why Work at the Creation Museum?

Are you still on the fence about whether working at the Creation Museum is for you? Check out these five reasons our employees love working with us!

Noah’s Coffee

If these reasons get you excited about working for the Creation Museum, we might have a spot for you. Visit our jobs page to learn more about our openings and apply today.