Parking Lot Expansions Now Open for ChristmasTown

by Creation Museum on December 19, 2017

It’s been exciting to see a growing number of people from all over America and around the world coming to the Creation Museum since the opening of our sister attraction, the Ark Encounter. And now, with our free ChristmasTown event, guests continue to congregate from near and far.

ChristmasTown at the Creation Museum

With lots of people come many cars and buses, and we need to park all of these vehicles somewhere. So for several months, we’ve been working on an additional parking lot. Despite rain and having to work on the lot while also using it to park cars during our busy summer, the first two phases opened just in time for ChristmasTown!

Parking Lots Now Open

Having the new parking lot has made ChristmasTown even better than before. This free family event, running each evening through December 30 (closed Christmas Eve and Christmas), features a stunning garden of lights, live nativity, and much more.

ChristmasTown at the Creation Museum

In the past, we’ve had so many guests wanting to attend that some have had to park off-site and be shuttled to the museum. Sadly, sometimes we’ve even had to turn cars away simply because our parking lots were full. But this large new parking lot allows us to host even more people for our exciting Christmas event, one that’s become an annual tradition for many families.

ChristmasTown at the Creation Museum

Equipping Guests

We are grateful to need so much more parking. This new lot will allow us to reach hundreds more people each day with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel as they tour the Creation Museum and join us for our special events such as ChristmasTown.

ChristmasTown at the Creation Museum

Parking Boxx

We’ve also installed an automated parking system to help offset the cost of building the lot. Parking is now $5 for regular vehicles or $10 for oversized vehicles—which is very inexpensive compared to most other comparable themed attractions.

We’re very excited to continue welcoming record numbers of guests to our world-class Creation Museum. Start making your plans today to visit the museum and equip your family with the message that God’s Word can be trusted from the very beginning, and be sure to stick around to visit our 10th annual ChristmasTown.