Will You Notice These 10 Exhibit Details?

by Creation Museum on May 4, 2017

During our Throwback Thursday blog series celebrating the Creation Museum’s 10th anniversary, we have taken a trip back in time through old photos and videos. Today, we are going to highlight details from a few of our exhibits that you might miss if you don’t look closely enough. When you visit the Creation Museum, will you notice these 10 details that bring our exhibits to life?

10th Anniversary

Slot Canyon

As you walk through the Slot Canyon at the main entrance of our exhibits, be sure to look up or you might miss this bird and lizard!

Slot Canyon Lizard Slot Canyon Bird

Critter Canyon

As you enter the main walkthrough, you might feel like you need to take the path on your left through Slot Canyon. But if you bring children along, don’t miss the opportunity to enter the Dig Site through Critter Canyon, our Kids’ Entrance! Here you’ll find black lights and interactive exhibits.

Critter Canyon Kids

Dig Site

There are many interesting details to explore in the Dig Site. Along the rock wall on the backside of the exhibit, you can look for seven hidden fossils. Can you find these two along with the rest?

Dig Site Fossil Dig Site Fossil

This guy might look real, but he doesn’t bite! Look up in the Dig Site so you don’t miss meeting him!

Dig Site Cat

Garden of Eden

As you walk through the Seven C’s of History, be on the lookout for the incredible amount of detail in each display. Watch out for the serpent coiled up in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Can you find the image of Jesus depicted in the tree as well?

Jesus Tree Serpent in Tree

Corruption Valley

And when you visit our animatronic Utahraptor, be sure to search high and low for these creatures!

Bird in Corruption Walkthrough Spider in Corruption Walkthrough

Start planning your trip to the Creation Museum today, and see if you will be able to find each of these details—and more! Share your favorite finds with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #creationmuseum. Be sure to check back next week as we continue our Throwback Thursday series!