Learn How to Make an Ape-Man at the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on August 9, 2016

How do you answer people when they claim that specimens like Lucy prove evolution to be true? If so many scientists believe evolution, then how do we know we can trust the Bible when it speaks of a literal six-day Creation?

Learn how to defend the Christian faith at the Creation Museum and get equipped to give answers to your friends who trust the interpretations of secular scientists. At the museum, you’ll encounter a full-size replica of Lucy and learn why Christians don’t have to trust the evolutionists when they say she’s an ape-man. You’ll learn about how your starting point determines your interpretation of the evidence, and you’ll leave understanding how biblical creation is affirmed by science.

You can even learn more about evolution and supposed ape-men from one of Dr. David Menton’s popular Creation Museum workshops, “Evolution: Not a Chance!

Here’s a clip of Dr. Menton teaching about how to make an ape-man. You’ll notice that, though he can often be witty and humorous, he is always biblical and educational.

If you like what you see, check out the Creation Museum calendar before you come to find out if Dr. Menton will be speaking during your visit. He also speaks on other topics like the human eye, the ear, skin, the skeleton, and more. We think his humorous and informative teaching will be a highlight of your trip! If you enjoy your time learning from Dr. Menton, we have several more workshops with many of our experts with solid biblical teachings to equip you to defend your beliefs!