Unexpected Finds in the Dragon Hall Bookstore

by Creation Museum on August 4, 2016

The Dragon Hall Bookstore is a popular stop for Creation Museum visitors. While it may look like just another gift shop from the outside, you’ll find much more when you walk inside. The Dragon Hall Bookstore is full of interesting exhibits and unexpected finds that you won’t want to miss.

Dragon Hall Entrance

Interesting Exhibits

St. George and the Dragon

As you enter the Dragon Hall Bookstore from the main lobby, you will find a sculpture of St. George slaying a dragon to your left. You can read more about this story and even take a picture with the sculpture when you visit.

St. George and the Dragon

Beowulf Dragon Slayer

When you visit the Creation Museum, don’t forget to look up. Otherwise, you might just miss some unique exhibits including our Beowulf statue, which is located right above the main entrance. Here you’ll learn more about the poem that features the story of this dragon slayer.

Beowulf Dragon Slayer

Reading Dragon

It’s not every day you could encounter a book-reading dragon. But you can in the Dragon Hall Bookstore! Don’t forget to look up and say hi to our dragon as you enter the bookstore from the stairs at the end of your Creation Museum tour.

Reading Dragon

Shields and Windows

When you walk inside you’ll quickly get a feel for the medieval-themed atmosphere. We even have a variety of shields and five faux stained glass windows decorating the walls. Your surroundings may make you feel like a kid again as you imagine the thrill of storming castles and slaying dragons.

Shields on Wall Stained Glass Windows

Unexpected Finds

How Many Cubits Tall Are You?

How long is a cubit anyway? Now you can see for yourself! While visiting the bookstore make sure to measure yourself against our chart to find out how tall you are in cubits, the measurement system used for Noah’s Ark. You can even take home your own Noah’s Cubit or Construction Cubit unit from the Dragon Hall Bookstore and see how every day items measure up.

How Many Cubits

Creepy Crawley Candy

Are you someone who likes to live on the wild side and sample unusual food or candy? If so, we have just the thing for you! As you check out, be sure to grab a worm or cricket sucker to try, or take home some Crick-ettes or Amber InsectNside Candy!

Creepy Crawly Candy

Explorer Vests

Do your kids love science and adventure? We have unique items they’ll enjoy, including explorer vests so they can explore God’s creation and fall in love with science.

Princess Explorer Vest

Big Books

Most bookstores and gift shops have their own set of books for sale. At the Dragon Hall Bookstore, you can even take home larger-than-life-sized books! Add one of these unique books to your home library.

Big Books Display

Be sure to make the Dragon Hall Bookstore a stop as you plan your visit to the Creation Museum. What unexpected sights or products will you find? Get your tickets today!