Creationists Do Better Science

by Creation Museum on July 21, 2016

It’s no secret that most people in today’s culture think that Christianity and science are completely opposed. But at the Creation Museum, we love Jesus and we love science! We know that science is possible only because God exists. We know we have a Creator who has revealed Himself through His creation so that we can know He is Lord (Romans 1:20).

At the museum we love to teach adults and kids alike that when you start with God’s Word as truth, you can actually come to better conclusions about the evidence we find because you’re starting with the truth, given to us by God who was the only eye-witness to the formation of the world.

Meet Real Creation Scientists

Most days at the Creation Museum, you can learn about a scientific topic like the human body, cells, biology, evolution, or aliens from a highly credentialed creation scientist. Our scientists and speakers will teach you about their topic of expertise from a biblical worldview, and you can go home equipped to defend the faith. Sometimes you can even join in on the fun in one of our unique workshops. Check the schedule to see who you’ll meet when you come.

Dr. David Menton

Explore Science in Action at the Petting Zoo

Have you ever met a zonkey? At the petting zoo, learn how interbreeding within animal kinds is an affirmation of God’s Word in Genesis. And our zookeepers love to teach you about God’s design for the interesting variety of animals we have!


Do Hands-On Science at the Sluice

Kids love to pan for rocks, gems, and minerals at our interactive mining sluice sponsored by Cedarville University. They’ll even get to identify what they find.

Gems from Sluice

Encounter Real-Life Dinosaur Bones and Fossils

The Creation Museum is smattered with dinosaur bones and fossils of all sorts of creatures. Fossils are a testimony of the worldwide Flood during Noah’s day. Find out why when you visit.


Learn the Scientific Difference Between Evolution and Natural Selection

Though it’s common to equate terms like natural selection with evolution, they’re actually opposite processes. We observe one of these processes happening in nature today, but the other has never been witnessed. Find out the differences and which one the Bible supports when you visit the Creation Museum. Begin planning your visit today.