What’s Inside the Creation Museum?

by Creation Museum on May 12, 2016

Did you know that the Creation Museum is within a one-day drive or an hour flight from 80% of the country? When you’re planning your summer vacation, make sure the Creation Museum is at the top of your list.

At the Creation Museum, you’ll learn about biblical authority, dinosaurs, creation, astronomy, animals, and much more! Here’s a small glimpse of what you’ll see.

Walk Through Biblical History

Take a walk through biblical history, where you will meet Moses, King David, and some of the prophets.

Animatronic Noah

Ask our animatronic Noah questions about the Ark, the animals, and even dinosaurs in our Voyage Room.


Learn about bugs in Mr. Crawley’s Insectorium where you will meet creepy crawlies of all sizes and learn about incredible insects from our animatronic Dr. Arthur Pod.

Dinosaur Den

Learn about dinosaurs in Buddy’s Dino Den, where you will encounter dinosaurs of all sizes and types and get answers to questions like “why don’t we see the word ‘dinosaur’ in the Bible?”

Petting Zoo

See a zorse, zonkey, wallabies, and other exotic creatures in our petting zoo, located in the beautiful Creation Museum botanical gardens.

We can’t wait to see you here! From now until June 30, get up to four child tickets free with the purchase of two adult tickets with our More Kids Free promo.