Spot Some Spots on the Sun

by Creation Museum on March 17, 2016

Take an opportunity to do what your mom never let you do—take a look at the sun with us! Of course, you won’t be looking directly at the sun, but you’ll look through AiG astronomer Danny Faulkner’s special telescope filters, which will allow you to see sunspots and sun prominences.

If you attend Danny’s sun spotting workshop on select days in March, you’ll get to see an aspect of the sun you never see with a naked eye.

Solar Flares

In the image above, you can see prominences—gaseous features extending from the sun. It’s easy to forget that the sun is a gassy star, isn’t it? If you come and look through the telescope fitted with an H-alpha filter, Danny’s expecting you’ll see at least one or two sun prominences yourself.

Sun Spots

Plus, you can check out the sunspots by looking through a telescope with a white light filter. You can see in the image above what you might expect to see through the eye of the telescope when you get here. But see that slightly blue dot toward the center and bottom of the orange tinted picture of the sun? That dot represents the size of the earth. Danny superimposed it on this picture to show you the size difference between the earth and the sun. It’s amazing to think about the extravagance of God’s creation. Come marvel at it with us this month. You’ll learn from Danny about how God’s creation in astronomy affirms God’s Word.

Find out which days at the Creation Museum include a sun spotting workshop and find out more about the event.