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Coatis Get Their Teeth Cleaned Too

by Creation Museum on March 12, 2016

February was pet dental health awareness month, and our coatis, Sophie and Waldo, made a trip to get dental work done at a local university. Coatis are relatives of the raccoon (members of the same created kind). Just like your pets need regular dental care, our coatis get yearly dental exams and cleanings. Because they can't brush their teeth like we do, they can have tartar and plaque buildup on their teeth. So, as good stewards of our animals (Proverbs 12:10) we make sure their teeth get cleaned annually. We choose to get our coatis’ teeth cleaned during the winter because they are off exhibit due to cold temperatures.

To get a good look at their teeth and thoroughly clean them, we anesthetized the coatis. We also took this opportunity to trim their nails, give them thorough physical exams, x-rays, and for fun we got some coati footprints! The coatis got all the plaque and tartar cleaned off their teeth and also got them polished and treated with fluoride. Come and see the coatis when you visit the Creation Museum! Our coatis will be back on exhibit when the temperatures get warmer.

Coati Dental Work Coati Dental Work Coati Dental Work Coati Dental Work Coati Dental Work Coati Dental Work Coati Dental Work Coati Dental Work