Extra Day Off to Play at the Museum

by Creation Museum on February 10, 2016

In 2007, we built the Creation Museum in a strategic location on the map—Northern Kentucky. The Cincinnati tristate area is within a day’s drive of 60 percent of the US population. That means making a trip to the museum over a long weekend is completely feasible for more than 150 million people! Are you one of them?

Check your work or school calendar for Monday, February 15. If you and your kids have the day off for President’s Day, we invite you to the museum for the long weekend where you’ll enjoy passes to the museum that are valid for two consecutive days. You’ll even be able to take advantage of our More Kids Free promotion, which allows you to buy two adult tickets and get up to four kids tickets free. You can easily fill two whole days with things to do at the museum, but see a list of 10 fun ones to start with below!

10 Things to Start Your Day at the Creation Museum

As part of your general admission ticket:

  1. See the world-class Allosaurus fragilis skeleton—Learn how this specimen died in the global Flood of Noah’s day.
  2. Experience the Special Effects Theater—See Men in White and prepare for some fun and surprises, plus experience the exciting truth of Genesis like never before. Plus, see The Last Adam and hear the good news of Jesus Christ.
  3. Study the creepy and the crawly in Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium.
  4. Walk through a full-scale cross-section of the Ark, representing only 1% of the actual size. Plus start planning your trip to see the full-size Noah’s Ark when it opens July 7!
  5. Explore Buddy Davis’s Dino Den—See life-size dinosaur sculptures as well as a cool triceratops skeleton casting and even some real fossils.
  6. Visit Dragon Hall Bookstore—Stock up on souvenirs and resources to equip your family, friends, and church to stand on God’s Word.
  7. Watch a wallaby jump, see some camels, and pet some alpacas at the museum petting zoo.

For a minimal additional charge:

  1. Enjoy the Snakes Alive workshop—See God’s hand in creating some awesome reptiles.
  2. Embark on Noah’s Ark: Dinosaurs On Board—Join Buddy Davis as he takes you along for an exciting voyage on Noah’s Ark.
  3. View our planetarium shows (separate tickets for specific showings required):

    • Created Cosmos—Visit stars, galaxies, and more as you tour the known universe.
    • Aliens: Fact or Fiction—Travel the universe looking for answers, and meet some new friends who have lots of questions.

As always, before your trip, we encourage you to check out the event calendar to plan your visit around the special events like concerts with Buddy Davis, apologetics talks by our excellent speakers, and workshops for kids.

Allosaur Insectorium Dinosaur Den Petting Zoo