Deep Cleaning

by Creation Museum on January 21, 2016

Many people are familiar with the term “spring cleaning.” But since the best time for cleaning at the Creation Museum is in January and February, we refer to it as “deep cleaning.” Now, in the old days, prior to the introduction of the vacuum cleaner, people would just open up the doors and windows in March and let the wind blow the dust from the house. Here at the museum, however, we can’t just open the doors, but we have been blessed with a hardworking housekeeping staff.

Can you imagine dusting everything in the museum? Over the next few weeks, our thorough housekeeping staff will systematically clean and dust everything from the high walls in the portico, to the light fixtures, to inside the dioramas, to all of the dinosaurs—all of this on top of keeping up with their day-to-day housekeeping chores! We’re thankful for the dedicated work of all our housekeeping staff!

Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning

If you’d be interested in joining our housekeeping crew, check out our job postings to see any available positions.