Meet the Magi Drama Performer

by Creation Museum on November 20, 2015

The Magi drama continues to be one of the Christmas Town crowd favorites. It has continued to be performed in the Creation Museum botanical gardens, under one of the pavilions, where our grounds crew sets up a realistic-looking backdrop and set. This is a picture of Tom Hill, our finance manager at Answers in Genesis, as the drama performer.

Magi Drama

In between performances, Tom has a chance to warm up between the folds of the tent where he can sit on a heating blanket and drink some hot chocolate, but there have been some nights over the past six winters where it was rather cold! We really appreciate Tom’s dedication, and if you have ever heard his presentation, you know why he continues to endure the cold: he gets the opportunity to share the message of the Lord’s birth and the gospel message to thousands. Some of his audience has even visited from other countries!