Best Routes to Come to Christmas Town

by Creation Museum on November 16, 2015

As you make your plans to attend this year’s Christmas Town festivities, we want to warn you about the construction project that is going on close to the museum. The Carroll Cropper Bridge project, which was begun in early May and was supposed to be completed by November, will be extended into December. This bridge crosses the Ohio River and is located on I-275; it gets backed up on both sides of the river beginning around 4:00 p.m. With the Creation Museum being located at Exit 11 just before I-275 crosses the Ohio River, our guests might experience a traffic delay just trying to reach our exit. If you are coming from the east, you might consider getting off at Exit 8 and making your way via Route 20. If you are coming from the direction of Indianapolis, you might consider taking I-74 to I-75 and then crossing the river and coming at the museum from the east.

If you arrive to take in our 4:00 p.m. special presentation of “Christmas with Ken, Buddy, and Noah,” you probably will not need to worry about the traffic congestion. Also, when you leave Christmas Town, crossing the bridge later in the evening shouldn’t be a problem.

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