Accepting Donations of Perfumes and Colognes

by Creation Museum on October 26, 2015

Earlier this year, we wrote a blog post about animal enrichment. Besides turning the larger animals out from time to time in a pasture at the back of the property, our staff are constantly looking for ways to enrich the animals’ lives. Every once in a while our zoo staff ask our Answers in Genesis staff to donate unwanted perfumes and colognes to the petting zoo. Our zookeepers use this perfume as an enrichment item for our animals. Simply defined, enrichment enhances our care for our animals by giving them things to do for fun during the day. Scent enrichment is a favorite of our white-nosed coati. In the wild, coatis use scent to mark their territory; in captivity, they enjoy collecting scents that they think smell good on their tails. Enjoy this video of Sophie having fun with some "new" scents! Watch her apply the scent down the length of her tail. Animals are such curious creatures!