How Much Wear and Tear Do Museum Exhibits Undergo?

by Creation Museum on September 30, 2015

The vast majority of our guests probably don’t think about the need for preventive maintenance because of the gradual wear and tear of things at the Creation Museum. Like all the things in this world that are under the Curse from Genesis 3, things tend to break down, but the Lord has blessed this ministry with many people who are able to help maintain all the exhibits to keep this world-class museum up and running. When you walk through the exhibits, it’s pretty remarkable to think that almost everything you see has been repaired or replaced since 2007 when the museum opened. We truly live in a fallen world! For instance, the bulbs in the theaters’ projectors have been replaced several times, if not the projectors themselves! (Have you ever heard the price of projector bulbs? $1,600! Or for that matter projectors? Thousands!) All monitors have been replaced or soon will be. Even Eve’s hair has been replaced multiple times! The ever-popular animatronic displays seem to be the most demanding of our time! Just today, Rexy was spotted in the paint booth getting repaired, and he has just been with us since this spring! We praise the Lord for His provision of finances and personnel to keep the museum in top shape for the many guests we host each day!

Repairing Rexy

Please pray for our staff who are tasked with these types of repairs, that God will give them wisdom on how to make displays and equipment run longer and more efficiently.