Getting Ready for the Crowds

by Creation Museum on September 18, 2015

For anyone who has visited the Creation Museum, you know that we strive to do everything with excellence. From our amazing guest services staff to the world-class exhibits themselves, we seek to do all things unto the Lord. Well, the museum itself is not the only thing that we are continuing to improve. We are always getting incredible reviews from those who visit our petting zoo area and botanical gardens, especially during our Christmas Town outreach each year. However, one thing we have heard is that, based on the current walk-through of the gardens, some guests miss some of the wonderful views after leaving the petting zoo because they exit the same way they entered. We have heard the desire of our guests and are currently in the process of creating another exit so that our guests end up at the lake, walking past the gazebo and the Raptor’s Nest–Aerial Adventure Park where they can view children and adults enjoying themselves on the aerial challenge course.

Not only will this help improve the experience for our upcoming Christmas Town guests starting in December, but it will also help when we see the influx of crowds that we anticipate visiting the museum once the Ark Encounter opens in 2016. We hope you will come and take a stroll through the gardens while the weather is still warm

Petting Zoo Improvements Petting Zoo Improvements Petting Zoo Improvements