Coati Cuteness

by Creation Museum on September 4, 2015

Our petting zoo at the Creation Museum is home to two coatis. What are coatis, you ask? Coatis are members of the same created kind as raccoons; this family is called Procyonidae. Coatis range from the southwestern United States through northern Argentina. In the wild, the coati's diet is made up of mostly insects. Here at the museum, we like to provide food that mimics what coatis would eat and encounter in the wild. One way we do this is by presenting either live crickets or cockroaches in paper lunch bags. Coatis are designed to be able to shred tree bark looking for insects, so they enjoy ripping up the bags, and they love pouncing on the crickets and cockroaches! By providing these natural sources of food, we are able to keep the coatis both physically and mentally active, plus it's great fun to watch! We love our coatis, and we hope you visit them when you come to the museum!