New Planetarium Show

by Creation Museum on August 21, 2015

Dr. Danny Faulkner has been hard at work producing a new planetarium show called Aliens: Fact or Fiction? Its premiere will be September 4, the Friday of Labor Day weekend. You will not want to miss it! Our guests will travel the universe looking for answers to questions such as the following: Are we alone in the universe? Does life exist on other planets? Have people really seen UFOs? Are there answers to these questions in the Bible?

Hundreds of thousands of guests to the Creation Museum have enjoyed our Stargazer’s Planetarium and the God-honoring message of the various shows, especially everybody’s favorite, Created Cosmos. We are excited to be adding this new show to our offering. It’s one thing to watch a video on a big screen, but if you have not experienced a professionally designed planetarium and its domed ceiling, you have been missing out. You recline in your seat and the lights are dimmed, and next thing you know, you are out in space exploring the cosmos, learning about God’s handiwork! We might mention millions and millions of miles, but there won’t be any mention of millions of years!