Get the Word Out

by Creation Museum on August 19, 2015

Three years ago, the Creation Museum hosted a day for those speaking Spanish. Our first Latin Day, called Día Latino, saw around 400 people in attendance. The next year we had approximately 900 people, and this year we anticipate around 1,200 people. If you know any Spanish-speaking people who would be interested in visiting the Creation Museum, please help us get the word out. This year we will have special music; we have invited a singer from Honduras whose name is Harold Iglecias. Besides being blessed by this man who truly loves the Lord, our Latino friends will have the opportunity to hear from our ministry’s very own Joe Owen as he discusses the topic “Evangelism Explosion with Dinosaurs and the Bible.”

This special day is October 3, and more information is provided here. Please come join us for the event which is part of the International Outreach of Answers in Genesis.