Zip Line Opportunities

by Creation Museum on August 17, 2015

Are you looking for something to do to get the family outside during these last days of summer? With school about to begin, many parents will be relegated to the role of spectators as their children compete in the various sports and other activities. Well, this is your chance to be a participant alongside your children. Take the family to the Creation Museum and enjoy the Screaming Raptor Zip Lines. It is great fun for all ages! Let the kids pretend that they are bored when they are harnessed up and then take a step off into midair! It’s kind of difficult to fake boredom when adrenaline is pumping through the veins while doing one of the most popular activities currently available, without the huge wait time that the lines at the roller coasters cost you.

Or maybe you’d like to be a guide for the zip lines located at the Creation Museum. It would be a great part-time job for someone working his way through college. And it sure beats flipping burgers! If you are interested in becoming a guide, contact Screaming Raptor Zip Lines.

Screaming Raptor Zip Lines Screaming Raptor Zip Lines Screaming Raptor Zip Lines