Something New

by Creation Museum on August 14, 2015

Another new activity has arrived at the Creation Museum! The ground was prepared and the assembly has taken place. The tower has gone up and the water has started flowing. “What is it?” you anxiously wonder. It’s the Cedarville University Mining Company sluice at the Creation Museum. Cedarville University is the only university in the world with a creation-based geology degree that we currently know of, so they have come alongside the Creation Museum for yet another fun and teachable activity. Guests will be able to “mine” their own fossils and gemstones and then identify them. There will be workshops at the sluice to teach about geology and the wonderfully created items that are discovered in each bag of dirt. Participants will also be able to get additional information about geology from Dr. John Whitmore through a special link from Cedarville University. And what a great addition to any youth group that is participating in the Ready to Fly program! The fun never stops at the Creation Museum!

Sluice Gate Sluice Gate