Monument Sign

by Creation Museum on July 24, 2015

Have you ever wondered why the Creation Museum doesn’t have a sign easily seen from I-275 as you drive by the campus? There are brown signs provided by the state as you approach the exits, but that is all. Well, things have changed thanks to a donor and our design team coming up with a satisfactory concept. You see, in Boone County, there are no billboards! And the size of a business’s sign is closely regulated by the county. The trick is to get the sign to be visible enough from a distance so that travelers going down the interstate at 65 mph can read it. If you are familiar with our logo, the orange lettering on any background other than white makes it a challenge when it comes to highway visibility, but we think we have the answer! Watch for it next time you drive past the museum; it is finally complete and will be a good advertisement to the thousands driving past!

Monument Sign Monument Sign