Children’s Ministry Conference

by Creation Museum on July 22, 2015

Do you think a person in children’s ministry can over-prepare for his labor of love with one of the most treasured gifts that God has given? Do you think that if the Lord’s earthly ministry were experienced in the 21st century, one of his major focuses would be on the children? If you answered the previous questions with a “No” and then a “Yes,” and you are involved with children’s ministries, then you might consider tapping into an upcoming event at the Creation Museum on September 11–12. You will have the opportunity to hear from over a half-dozen speakers who have spent years working with Christian youth. As you probably are aware, it takes a very special person to work with the youth these days because of their being bombarded by so many ungodly things vying for their attention and the lack of a structured godly home that is conducive for proper child-rearing. Consider taking a couple of days out of your busy schedule and availing yourself of this great opportunity.