More Improvements at the Museum

by Creation Museum on June 26, 2015

Last year we did a makeover of the Grand Plaza to enhance the beauty of the already-gorgeous and easily-recognizable architectural design of the Creation Museum. But off to the right side as you face the building, there was a hillside in need of some tender loving care. As a result, the grounds crew under the direction of Tim Schmitt, the senior director of site development and horticulture, created a dry creek bed garden with a retaining wall. What was once an unsightly hillside with “trash” trees has now become another spectacular area of color that grounds manager Dale Spada and his crew of five will actively become caretakers of. What’s really impressive are the huge rocks that were added to the landscape!

Flower Bed

Another special garden we have at the museum is a bog complete with carnivorous plants! When you visit the museum do not miss out on the great gardens and sights to be seen across the lake! If you like gardening, maybe you even ought to consider volunteering.