Mega Conference in Town

by Creation Museum on June 24, 2015

We love it when the Answers Mega Conference is hosted in the Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati area because that gives the attendees the chance to come visit the Creation Museum during their free time as opposed to visiting the museum on their way to or from the conference in a distant city. They get the best of two worlds: the conference and the museum. Actually, they will get the best of three worlds this year since the attendees get to go down to the coming Ark Encounter to watch the life-size Ark under construction. The Creation Museum, with its two-day ticket, has already moved away from being a “day trip” destination—how much more so with the Mega Conference being in town! And what better place for strangers-turned-friends to spend the day than the museum and Ark site together?

Usually people are registered by now, but you could still be a part of this year’s conference. We live in an age when young people and adults are being told by the media, schools, and museums to question God’s Word. We’re taught that there is no absolute truth. How do we, as followers of Christ, provide answers to the skeptics? Join AiG for our Answers Mega Conference for the family, “Answering the Skeptics.” Many of the most-asked questions from skeptics about the Christian faith will be answered. The conference includes teen sessions, children’s VBS, Answers Research Summit (June 27), and complimentary tickets to the Creation Museum (only 20 minutes away). Learn more at