Dinosaur Puppet?

by Creation Museum on June 12, 2015

Usually when one thinks of a puppet, he has in mind a cute little human or animal figure on a small stage. But the use of the word puppet has now taken on a whole new dimension! Instead of a jointed figure manipulated with the hands, or by pulling attached strings or wires, today’s puppets are controlled by humans dressed in the costume! The Creation Museum has just recently acquired a juvenile T-rex that is sure to be the highlight of many a youngster’s visit to the museum. Or it might turn out to be too scary for the timid because it has a ferocious roar and some terribly big teeth! Come take advantage of our promotional this summer and be one of the first to witness this new addition to the wonderful exhibits of the museum. Usually exhibits at museums are static, but this one may sneak up from behind and invade your personal zone!