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Hear Ken in Person

by Creation Museum on June 8, 2015

Many of our guests are thrilled to be able to meet and talk with Ken Ham, the CEO and founder of the Answers in Genesis ministry. Then there are some guests who visit the Creation Museum but who are not familiar with Ken or Answers in Genesis. It doesn’t take but one noon session in our Legacy Hall to find out that “there is a fire in his bones” and the man is on a mission to get Christians to wake up from their evolution-induced comas and to henceforth take the Word of God seriously beginning with the very first verse! He has a passion, and the month of June is a great month to take advantage of his being close to home and not traveling the world over delivering a creation apologetics message, and more importantly, the gospel message.

If you have never heard Ken speak in person, or if it’s been awhile, you could plan a visit to the museum on one of the following dates: June 15, 18, 19, 23, 26, 27, or 29. Most times, Ken does a meet-and-greet immediately following his presentation, which is a great time to talk with him and get a photo taken with him. You’ll also get a free copy of his Fire in My Bones DVD!

Hear Ken in Person