We’re One of the Few

by Creation Museum on May 29, 2015
Having Fun on the Zip Line

When it comes to safety, the zip lines are the best in the nation. In August, we wrote about the upgrade that Mike and Donna Holder made to the zip lines here at the Creation Museum, making them the safest on the market. Not only was the museum the first to use Vertical Vantage, we are one of the few that uses this patented closed system. Once a person is on the line, he cannot take himself off, which is “peace of mind” for parents with children high up in the Raptor’s Nest enjoying the aerial adventure park, or for those who are a little nervous about zip lines and sky bridges. Once you connect to the closed system, you are safely connected to the lines until your feet are firmly back on the ground, unlike the older systems where you had to have a buddy or guide watch you as you disconnected one of your lines to transfer, followed by the second line. The Holders are specialists in adventure park design, construction, and management with more than 30 years of combined experience. We are so pleased to be partnering with them. Their American Adventure Park Systems are in high demand both here and abroad (see

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