A Real Dinosaur Dig

by Creation Museum on May 13, 2015

Join Buddy Davis in dinosaur country in July for a week of discovery, fellowship, music, and more. In Glendive, Montana, you will learn how to distinguish dinosaur fossils from ordinary rock, honing your skills while excavating in search of fossils. In past years, we’ve found T. rex and other dinosaur fossils, figs, fish, alligator, and turtle remains. Everyone has always found fossils, and while the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum (a creation-based museum) has dibs on any finds, everyone has had souvenir bones to take home!

While many people are drawn to Glendive by the allure of digging up bones, past dig team members seem equally thrilled by the fellowship and learning in the field once they get there. The team of 20 or so diggers, along with Buddy and Kay Davis and the rest of the staff, get well-acquainted, working side-by-side, exploring as a team, eating together, and enjoying programs just for them in the hotel conference room in the evenings. You will visit Makoshika State Park, where the results of deposition of rock layers and rapid erosion during Noah’s Flood are clearly seen in the impressive exposed rock. You will also tour the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, where you will take in the sight of enormous dinosaur skeletons and other treasures, all displayed with a biblical worldview. Every day will be a day of learning how to apply the history found in the Bible to understand our world.

This is an adventure of a lifetime for singles, couples, and families with children over 12 years old (minimum age for the dig). Register now, and head on out to Glendive on July 27–31!

Real Dinosaur Dig Real Dinosaur Dig Real Dinosaur Dig