Special Guests

by Creation Museum on May 4, 2015

We were richly blessed at staff devotions last week. It is not every morning that you can be challenged to live God’s Word by two speakers sharing the spotlight! These twins, along with their families, came to visit the Creation Museum and to learn more of the ministries at Answers in Genesis, which included a tour of the Ark Encounter design studio and a trip to the viewing area of the construction site. These guys would probably be household names if they weren’t outspoken Christians who believe the Bible from the very first verse! But because of their unwavering scriptural beliefs, their reality show on HGTV never even saw the light of day! Who were these special guests? David and Jason Benham. You can learn more about their ministry and the history behind their show being canceled by visiting Here are some pictures of them speaking to the staff and then later in the day touring the Ark Encounter’s design studio with Patrick Marsh.

Special Guests Special Guests