Family Fun at the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on April 6, 2015

Just making a trip to the Creation Museum would make for some great family fun, but there are two events in June that will take it up a notch. The first is the annual family fishing and camping event for our members on June 6–7. Every year around the first part of June, the state of Kentucky allows adults to fish its allowable inland water without a fishing license. This is an excellent opportunity for some of our members to try their hand at catching some of the bluegill and bass in our three-acre lake. Then add to the fun by pitching a tent in the field next to our botanical gardens and spending the night. Are you not a member? See about memberships here.

Family Fishing and Camping Family Fishing and Camping

The other event in June is our Family Fun Night scheduled for June 19. This event features the Jandy Ministry team and Buddy Davis—favorites of both children and adults. Enjoy a pizza dinner followed by an entertaining show by John and Ynita Swomley, capped off with tales of adventure and songs of praise by our very own Buddy Davis.

John and Ynita Swomley

John and Ynita Swomley of Jandy Ministry