Addition to the Grand Plaza

by Creation Museum on March 23, 2015

As we patiently await the arrival of the spring colors to the front of the Creation Museum since the addition of flower beds and birch trees, there is one other area that is new to the front of the museum. An addition was added to the building across from our group checkout window. This room with its roll-up door and counter space will be the location for our guests to not only make purchases for zip line tours and items, but also a place to buy refreshments before heading out to the parking lot for the long drive home. What we are really excited about offering to our guests are the ever-popular Dippin’ Dots! Did you know that Dippin’ Dots got its start here in Kentucky and at Opryland USA over 20 years ago? Or that a plant in Paducah, Kentucky, is where all of the Dippin’ Dots are produced? Be sure to try out some Dippin’ Dots on your way to stroll through the gardens to visit the petting zoo or while you are waiting to gear up for a zip across the lake!