Guest Services on Board the Ark Encounter

by Creation Museum on March 13, 2015

Editor’s note: Originally published on the Ark Encounter blog.

Answers in Genesis is a large ministry with over 200 employees, so at times it can be hard for staff members in one area to keep up to date with the latest news in another department. Our guest services staff interacts with hundreds of visitors at the Creation Museum each week. They respond to so many questions from guests that we need to keep them “in the know” about various happenings at the ministry.

Last week, several representatives from the Guest Services department toured the Ark Encounter design studio, located about six miles away from the Creation Museum. They had already expressed excitement about the Ark Encounter, but we wanted to raise their enthusiasm to a new level about this amazing project currently under construction in Williamstown, Kentucky, so that they would be even more eager to tell museum guests about it.

In their 90-minute tour, they were treated to conceptual designs for many of the future exhibits. They also received a behind-the-scenes look at how our highly talented artisans have been building the animals that will be seen on the Ark. They even had some fun exploring some of the enclosures built for the animals.

 Guests Services on Board the Ark Encounter

Members of the Creation Museum Guest Services staff trapped in one of the Ark Encounter’s large animal enclosures. From left to right: Lori Tolley, Laura Beckman, Otto Neff Sr., and Matt Dawson.

After the tour, one of the Guest Services members stated, “I really appreciated our special tour . . . it really blessed me and I will use what I saw and learned to bless the guests at the Creation Museum.”

Mission accomplished.

Please continue to pray for everyone involved in the Ark Encounter, and share your enthusiasm for the project with your friends and family.