An Evening to Remember a Success

by Creation Museum on February 23, 2015

An Evening to Remember

On Friday, February 13, the Creation Museum hosted its annual event called An Evening to Remember, and according to our event coordinator Mary Jo Kneer everything went very well. In conjunction with dinner and drama, we set up a table for Destiny Rescue where handmade jewelry made by rescued girls was on display. Following the drama of the life story of Gomer as found in the book of Hosea, David Chakranarayan spoke briefly about his involvement in the ministry that rescues girls from sex trafficking. David, who works at Answers in Genesis and pastors a local church, traveled to Thailand on a mission trip and has met children that were rescued and in the care of Destiny Rescue. Through the sale of the jewelry that evening, they were able to raise $1,844 total, which is the amount needed to rescue and care for one such child. Pray that God will continue to use ministries like Destiny Rescue to help young people around the world, including in the United States!