What the Survey Says

by Creation Museum on February 4, 2015

Christmas Town

Surveys are very important for businesses. Many of us do not mind taking a short survey, especially if we know it is going to be brief and it is for a company that we really like and trust. During Christmas Town, we surveyed 641 guests and found that the Garden of Lights is still the biggest draw with the Live Nativity coming in at a close second. When guests were asked if they agree with the following statement, “We came for a festive Christmas atmosphere,” 81% responded to the affirmative. Fifty-two percent responded that compared to other Christmas Town visits, this past year’s was better. Out of over 25,000 people that visited this year’s Christmas Town, we are still getting around 59% first-time visitors if our survey is accurate! One of our goals with Christmas Town is to get people that have never been to the museum to visit, and this year’s percentage was up to 32% compared to last year’s 28%.  What is really interesting is the average distance that our guests drive to Christmas Town to see the lights and the Live Nativity—128 miles.