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What Goes Up Must Come Down

by Creation Museum on January 21, 2015

Like everybody else that puts up Christmas lights, our staff is now engaged in the task of taking them all down. A major difference is they employed a lift to place some of our decorations, like the blizzard tubes and lighted balls of light, high in the trees. Out comes the lift again to get everything back down. Many people will wrap a tree by going around and around the perimeter, but at the museum we had close to 100 trees tightly branch-wrapped.

Wrapped Trees

For the next few weeks, the staff will painstakingly unwrap all of the lights and carefully place them in storage. As we keep adding lights and new structures like the snowmen, the challenge now is where to store them all. As the rest of us move on to post-Christmas events, our heartfelt thanks go out to the grounds crew as they “run sweep.”

Grounds Crew

Grounds Crew

Grounds Crew