Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

by Creation Museum on January 19, 2015

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made DVD

The third Sunday of January each year is the National Sanctity of Life Day, which has been observed by several US Presidents since the days of Ronald Reagan. In honor of this day, the Creation Museum this year featured Dr. Menton’s video Fearfully and Wonderfully Made on Sunday. Being that the video is so long (85 minutes), we played Part 1 on Sunday and will feature it again on Tuesday and Thursday. Part 2 will play on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All videos will play at 3:00 PM in the Special Effects Theater, and each segment runs around 45 minutes. Following is a description of the presentation:
When does life begin? What does the embryological development of the human body tell us about our Creator? Find answers in this compelling presentation, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, co-produced by Answers in Genesis and the American Family Association, featuring award winning educator Dr. David Menton.

In this 2-part illustrated lecture, anatomist Dr. David Menton follows the marvelous embryological development of the human body in a progressive sequence from ovulation, the movement of the egg in the oviduct, fertilization, implantation, development of the placenta, and finally the birth process itself. There are countless critical and precisely integrated steps in this sequence that are essential for the very survival of man and all mammals.