The Gift of Giving

by Creation Museum on December 3, 2014
LifeLine Barrel

LifeLine Barrel inside the Creation Museum

We have invited LifeLine Ministries to bring collection barrels to the museum as we endeavor to increase our community outreach. LifeLine is a not-for-profit organization that ministers to the needy in northern Kentucky. Our goal is to collect toys and gifts for the youth in the area to brighten their Christmas holiday. Please consider bringing an unwrapped toy or other gift ranging from shoes, under garments, coat, or maybe even a bicycle! Underprivileged children would love to have a new coat or new garments to go to school And what child wouldn’t enjoy a brand new toy? So when you are out shopping for Junior, buy two toys and bring one to the Creation Museum.




Buddy Bear

Buddy Bear at the Dragon Hall Bookstore

Or if you forget, buy something from our Dragon Hall Bookstore like the new Buddy Bear. It is 15 inches tall and includes a backpack and one of three different Buddy Davis CDs. The cost is $19, but the value is over $35. Help us be a blessing this Christmas in a world that is afraid to use the term Christmas. Let us “suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of God” (Luke 18:16).