Four Reasons Chameleons Are Amazing!

by Creation Museum on November 3, 2014

One of the popular exhibits at the Creation Museum is our chameleon display.  Chameleons and their unique design are a testimony to biblical creation. After all, how did all of its amazing parts come together unless they were designed to work together right from the beginning?


What do you think of when you hear the word chameleon? These camouflaged lizards are even more remarkable than many of us realize. Check out these four amazing facts about these well-designed creatures.

1. Rapid-Fire Tongue

The chameleon’s tongue accelerates five times faster than a fighter jet.

2. Color-Changing Skin

Chameleons change color for many reasons—for instance, to “talk” to other chameleons, to show off their mood, and to adjust to heat and light.

3. Telephoto Lens

The chameleon’s eye has a unique adjustable lens, which can calculate the distance of a moving target using only one eye, much like a modern telephoto camera lens.

4. Seeing Double

Since it needs only one eye to judge distance, the chameleon can move and focus each eye separately—seeing two different images at the same time.


Be sure to say “hello” to the chameleons the next time you’re in the Main Hall at the Creation Museum! They’re located outside the Special Effects Theater, right before you enter the Walk Through Biblical History.

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