Volunteering at the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on October 27, 2014

Jim and Jeanette Maxim

The Creation Museum, which is a ministry of Answers in Genesis, uses volunteers from all walks of life and especially those that have retired and just want to give of their time. We frequently get couples that come for a few days or a week and do various tasks, freeing our staff up to do other things. An example of one such couple is the Maxims. Jim and Jeanette are proud members of the community of Cuba, NY. They are very active in that community, and recently the local newspaper did a write-up on them telling of the different organizations that they volunteer for such as Family Life Ministries, Kingdom Bound Ministries, and about a dozen others—but the paper didn’t mention the Creation Museum, so we thought that we would give the Maxims special recognition in our blog!

If you are retired and looking to volunteer from time to time for a faith-based organization like Answers in Genesis, we’d love to hear from you!