Not Too Old for the Zip Lines!

by Creation Museum on October 17, 2014

Although you can be too young to try out the amazing zip line adventure courses at the Creation Museum, some guests prove they are not too old. Just the other day we had a group of three that did the Mega Zip, two ladies and a gentleman, the youngest of which was 68! We are not just talking about one long, fast zip line in and of itself. Participants must do the whole Adventure Tour Plus to get over to the Mega Zip! To cross over to the tower, one gets to ride on an 800-foot line, and then the Mega Zip line is a 1,700-foot racing line. The first video, found at, shows a participant flying through the air like Superman!

Many guests report that going through the trees seems faster because of the closeness of the foliage! The second video, found at, shows someone being filmed from the other line; since they are both traveling at the same speed, the rate of travel is deceptive.

Come try out our Mega Zip this fall and enjoy a Creation Museum ticket for just an additional $10!