Results of a Survey

by Creation Museum on October 1, 2014

On any given day, a walk through the parking lot to look at the various license plates on the cars is quite interesting. When we tell people the average distance that our guests drive to visit the Creation Museum, some find it hard to believe, but the proof is in the parking lot! We have seen cars from all fifty states (yes, even Hawaii) and many of the provinces of Canada.

Occasionally we like to survey our guests in order to get to know them a little better. Here are a few highlights of a recent study:

The average distance traveled to the museum is 450 miles, and half of our guests travel more than 300 miles to see us!


Miles Traveled to the Museum

Typically two-thirds of our guests are visiting us for the very first time!

How Many Visits

The museum is a great place for families big and small. Coming as a group is also a great way to enjoy the museum and fellowship with others.

Who They're Visiting With

These questions and others help us understand and improve upon our efforts to share the gospel and connect visitors to the broader ministry of Answers in Genesis. So how about you, when is your first visit going to occur? It’s not that far! Or when is your next visit?