Camel Rides

by Creation Museum on September 3, 2014


Have you ever ridden a camel? At the Creation Museum, we discovered that camel rides were so popular that we needed to invest in training our petting zoo camel to give rides. Several years ago, we sent Gomer to Georgia to be trained to give rides; in the meantime, our staff set out to build an excellent riding pen and a stand to make it easy for our guests and their children to ride a camel. It is nothing like riding a horse; it is more of a rocking, swaying motion.

Although Gomer was trained to cush (or koosh), a position wherein the rider can easily mount him before he stands up, we make it easier for all involved by using the camel stand. Not too many institutions are willing to give camel rides even though they have camels, but it is such a unique experience, our guests line up to give it a try. Just this past Labor Day weekend, we gave over 500 rides!

Plan your visit to the museum soon and enjoy our Kids Free offer—and don’t forget to visit the petting zoo and try a camel ride on Gomer or CJ.

Camel Ride Photo Strip