Scoping out the Insects

by Creation Museum on July 9, 2014

Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium opened in May 2013, but it wasn’t completely done yet. That is, even though nothing appeared to be missing, one exhibit was still planned for the room as what you might call Phase 2. Dr. Crawley and our designers just finished Phase 2—and it is a must-see.

You may have seen microscope stations at various museums or zoos—maybe a microscope you look through and can never quite bring into focus, or maybe the blurry image was displayed on a screen, the knob having been adjusted to the point of no return. For various reasons, great ideas often seem to go south when it comes to microscopes in exhibits. Thankfully our designers recognized this, and they took measures to make sure the bugs in this exhibit stay in focus for a good long time.

Insectorium microscope

Sixteen different insects are mounted around the perimeter of a disc. Like you would use a vending machine (but with no coins required), you just press one of the sixteen buttons and the disc will rotate until your selection is under the microscope. You will see the up-close and personal view of that critter on a screen, in focus, with no need (or ability) to adjust anything.

Insectorium microscope

You will discover fantastic appendages, previously unseen hairs, and bizarrely shaped heads. You will be amazed at the complicated structure of things like certain antennae, which perhaps you now think are just smooth, slender, flexible stalks that might have little knobs at the ends. Chances are you will notice things you’ve never noticed about insects before, and you’ll probably see insects you’ve never seen before as well.

Insectorium microscope


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